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If you're thinking about going to see Super 8, I highly recommend it. Not only because it's a really fun flick (especially if you're a fan of early Spielberg scifi), but also because a young actor we worked with a couple of times has a huge part in it, and he's awesome. Ryan Lee does a terrific job playing the firecracker-loving Cary in the movie, but before he was hanging out with JJ Abrams, he was slumming with the RT crew. Check out the thespian in some of his early work...
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RT has a surprising amount of contacts in Hollywood
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Dirt410 110Percent
Why don't you guys talk more about your commercial work?
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If you're going to the Super 8 Motel on the other hand....well, let's just say you should wear your clothes to bed.
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SailorTweek Forum Mod
*LOL* Those commercials were terrific!
Super 8 looks intense. I cannot wait to see it this week.
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Who's this Pegi i hear she 12
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Caiti Velvet
Oh sweet! It's always wonderful when someone you know or have worked with succeeds like this! DON'T PUSH HIS BUTTON!

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Saw Super 8 tonight, twas fantastic!!
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dalester Sponsor
That movie was a lot of fun. I hope the kids of today understand how awesome it is, because it would have shattered my world when I was a kid.
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Phoenix_Hook Sponsor
i just sait it today my self omg that movie was bad ass
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Man I was hoping for a good review...

This was even better!
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No way!

....Oh thats cool!
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mala420 Sponsor
I actually saw it two days early and with that I got a free Super 8 T-Shirt, free popcorn and soda, and an exclusive prolouge by JJ Abrams. Not to mention interviewed by the staff of Paramount pictures. BTW the film is EPIC
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Finally! I love the old Spielberg
4 years ago
I live exactly where this movie takes place I feel awesome about that fact.
4 years ago
Saw it Sunday and really enjoyed it, the kids they got for the movie were great. Each one of them has a good future in acting, especially Ryan.
4 years ago
I just saw Super 8 tonight. It was great and Ryan Lee was hilarious.
4 years ago
That is awesome, you made me watch the movie, it was great! Thanks Matt!
4 years ago
corsair Well crap
In reply to GeneralSalem, #4:

That is what years (literally) of hard work, innovation, and the willing to take a risk can get you.

I think one of the things that increased the popularity of the brand name of Rooster Teeth was, other than the Halo thing, the social networking side of the website.

It's no wonder Burnie (and the rest of the guys) love Ben so much.

Oh - it also helps that they are based in Austin, Texas. Just Saiyan.

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4 years ago
Wow I wish I knew that, I just went to see super8 the other and totally loved it
4 years ago
Jteeth Jtetth
Man I watched Super 8 last night and it was amazing! I thought the guy looked familiar, I just couldn't place him. That's to cool!
4 years ago
I saw Super 8 in Imax a day early the poster i got was up in my room within 1 minute of being home. If your thinking bout seeing it DO IT!!!! trust me its worth it.
4 years ago
Just saw Super 8 last night. Awesome movie. Ryan was one of the best kids in the movie.
4 years ago
kingfire7154 Sponsor
I saw Super 8 and I have no expectation at all, but in the end it is a great movie like 8/10
4 years ago
RynoL Sponsor
I saw it in IMAX last Thursday, it was freaking awesome.
4 years ago
moiradracko Sponsor
My first drive to see "Super 8" was the production team and director.... The Ironic twist about how the story incorporated that mysterious train wreck that Spielberg choose to tease us with less details as he was busy closing in on another "encounter", and now we feel like we get a chance to dive back in to an epic tale with a fresh perspective....

But fuck that... Gimme a RT Connection and I will see that shit like Gus on the street corner. Oh Yeah. Thank you Mr. H... Thank You.
4 years ago
that was amazing
4 years ago
ivolice Sponsor
Dude that is freaking cool as hell
4 years ago
lonestarlite Esquire
Good to know Super 8 is worth seeing. Those two ads were great as well, you should link other work that you've done more often. And I guess you forgave your dad for running you over in the catch short? haha
4 years ago
Chilled :D
4 years ago
Ryan was definitely a child actor I'd remember in this movie. He was a funny sort of comic relief type of character. Loved the movie!
4 years ago
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