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People frequently ask what equipment we use to record the podcast, so I figure I'll make a journal that I can direct people to with all the relevant information. Here is a list of the equipment we use and relevant links for it all.


Alesis Multimix 16 USB 2.0

Microphones (five of these):
Audio-Technica AT2050

We also of course have XLR audio cables to connect the microphones to the mixer, but any XLR will do.
XLR Cable:

Headphones (five of these):
Sennheiser HD203

Headphone Amplifier:
Behringer Miniamp Amp 800:

Microphone stands(five of these):
This is the one we use

With our setup we can have five people recording audio and wearing headphones. The limit is the number of headphone ports on the miniamp. I monitor audio directly off of the Alesis and everyone else plugs into the Behringer. We can record up to eight people but the last three people would not be able to monitor as they are speaking. I've found the headphones are good because it helps people be more conscious about not speaking over other people.

I forgot to mention that of course we plug the mixer into my laptop and that is where GarageBand is running. I use a MacBook Pro
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ethancn96 Sponsor
so umm what software do u guys use again ;)
3 years ago
KWierso Sponsor
MS Paint.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Garageband will do you somewhat well I suppose. I'm surprised you aren't using Logic, personally.
3 years ago
I use Logic. It blows. GB is an excellent choice for podcast creation for non-audio professionals who want to get something done and not end up lost and confused and pissed off.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
tuxedojerich Sponsor
Gus, I have noticed that for around the last two weeks, the audio seems louder than normal. Have you changed the recording level on Garage band, or raised the levels on the mics or the outgoing levels on the board?
3 years ago
AgentAri Sponsor
This was very enlightening. Thanks for sharing Gus!
3 years ago
KingR2088 Sponsor
now if only I can listen to podcast older than the latest ones on their 1st page.
3 years ago
Thanks, Gus! :D
Amateur sounddude right here. o/
3 years ago
Awesome setup gus! Good call on the sennheisers!
3 years ago
Neefertiti Wraith
I woke up and thought there was a new podcast on Monday at first. The next best thing, knowledge from Gus.
3 years ago
JakeHCoker lost
Wow quite expensive. But that's why the podcast has such great quality. You've got every right to tell them to stop banging on the tables with this sweet ass equipment around..
2 years ago
Does the USB input allow you to separate every mic to it's own independent channel (or track) in the Garage band session or is all the audio just recorded onto one track.
3 years ago
They are all on discrete tracks
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Money is the most important thing to buy all this stuff.
3 years ago
What kind of video recording equipement do you use for shorts/video podcasts? Or has that been addressed elsewhere and I'll get -n00b'd?
3 years ago
it might just be me, but the audio is um... painful to listen to.
Burnie makes my ears bleed, even on the lowest volume setting
3 years ago
JeffJ Sponsor
Hey Gus, does the mixer connect to your Macbook via USB or do you use analog connections?
2 years ago
Blutonian Spooner
I was going to ask the mix-minus question, but since you answered it already, I'll put out some more info for others looking to buy a scaled down set-up. You don't need such a fancy headphone amplifier if you're not running a mix-minus. All you need is a simple line level distribution amplifier.

Those are $132 a piece, and you can chain them if you need to add more. (edit: you actually can't chain the model I linked, that one doesn't have selectable line/mic ins and outs, but those do exist) They're mono output, but if you're just using the headphones as a monitor then it's not an issue.

I can answer your question about Audacity, Gus. Audacity does not support enhanced mp3 format, however someone mentioned that it only outputs in mono, which is incorrect. You can absolutely make a stereo recording using it. You wouldn't really need to on a talk radio type recording, but you could if you wanted to. Audacity is free and cross platform. It works with Linux, Windows and MacOs, so no matter what you have, you have access to a decent free audio recording/editing software.

I would've suggested getting a lav or earpiece mic for Joel, but he seems to have gotten a lot better at not moving out of range of the mic, unless that's just editing magic on your part?

Post edited 10/10/11 12:45PM
3 years ago
jedieclipse Sponsor
when you use Garage Band and you are editing Burnie's voice, you can either use a normalizer or use a compressor to bring his voice back down to the others, if you can find the plugin, it would be very useful to incorporate a limiter to the podcast, that way if someone moves closer to the mic, or yells by accident, you aren't met with a high swells and peeks in your recordings
3 years ago
apple software has some of the editing equipment.
3 years ago
squidgeart FriendlyMilk
Thanks Gus! Will be bookmarking on Chrome!
3 years ago
I was sure you guys were running through a pre-amp. Your voices always come through so warmly. I remember asking during a Staff-chat screening on the website what microphone you used to record your production voiceovers, and I believe it was an AKG C 1000 S? Did you wind up swapping the mics out or is that still in the booth?

I'm a bit of an audiophile myself. I do freelance voiceovers on my Shure KSM-27, but I still have problems with vocal warmth and was thinking of getting a pre-amp.
3 years ago
benwa hashtag
That is quite the setup.
Thanks for the info!
3 years ago
Gymbob That Guy
Thanks for the insight, I'm in the process of doing my own.
3 years ago
HavocNinja37 Unknown
Glad my question was the one that made you tired of getting it lol thanks
3 years ago
@Gus Do you think you could do an updated version of this? Would be sweet as if you could
11 months ago
brrrd Sponsor
I have a pair of Sennheisers, but mine are HD 205's, not 203's.
3 years ago
So there's that glorious mute button
3 years ago
Snooper_1989 Bet On It
Are you just using Garage Band because you're more familiar with an editor or does it make it a whole lot easier for you to edit down?
3 years ago
Is there a non-mac equivalent of Garageband?
3 years ago
SilverKM03 Sponsor
Audacity if you're just talking editing.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Go_Danny_Go Sponsor
Silly question Gus. When you've recorded the tracks into GarageBand, what kind of processing do you do? I know about the desk bumps that you have to take out, but I wasn't sure if you edit each track, or use a noise gate.

You probably already know bout this, but thought just in case. A noise gate will cut out any noise below a certain threshold. So for light bumps and coughs, the noise gate should remove those. You'll need to play with the settings as if someone is quiet, the gate can mess with their vocals. Of course, do this post production, as if you set a noisegate during recording, it's going to get recorded like that.

The 'threshold' is the level of volume that you want to maintain if you like. Anything below the threshold will be removed. The 'attack' is the speed that the gate... err attacks the signal. You'd want a fast attack as when someone talks, the gate needs to open quick. 'Hold' is the length of decay that the gate will stay open. You don't want this too short as when someone talks, the gate will open and close during each word. 'Release' is the time it takes to go to zero volume. Longer release sounds more natural. There is a good wikipedia site for this - 'Noise gate'

A 'compressor' will bring the quiet sections up to a set threshold and the loud sections down to that threshold. Seeing that you're recording 5+ separate channels, it's easy to turn up if someone is too quiet though.

But in saying that, I've listened to every podcast and thought the quality was great and everything sounded really good. The noise gate might be an option that might work.
3 years ago
Very cool dude, thanks for sharing this. I actually think it's funny that your podcasts actually have a better quality than some of the stuff Gamespot does, and I love this list.
3 years ago
So... About that xbox 360 disc changer...
3 years ago
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