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RTX 2012: Tickets and Stream!

You can buy them here!

Also, we are having a live stream in the office RIGHT NOW! = Come say hi, and let us know if you got your ticket!

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I need Mo' Money but I promise I will tie myself to a whale and cross the Atlantic next year.....that is a serious threat.
3 years ago
i would go but i dont have anyone to go with me. thinking about it how can i get to texas? i guess ill hitch hike
3 years ago
GoldSnipe Artist
i just asked my mom if i could she said not at this moment
3 years ago
LJ17 Sponsor
just bought my ticket
3 years ago
I'm more excited for this than I was for my 21st birthday.
3 years ago
The_Hybrid AHCommunity
Why do you guys have to live 500o miles away from me?
Hope that everyone who goes has fun!! :D
3 years ago
If I had a few hundred dollars to spend I would go for sure. Maybe next year :(
3 years ago
I WISH I COULD GO!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
It's times like these that make me wish I didn't live in Norway...
3 years ago
I'm psyched. My secon RTX...
3 years ago
Clayvman Sponsor
Got my Ticket/Pass and another one for whoever is coming with me...I'm ready
3 years ago
wish i could go :(
3 years ago
TBSWK GeeksNBleeps
3 years ago
So when i saw this i bought me and my best friend the tickets than called him to see that he could go. I told him to think of it as a early birthday present.
3 years ago
There is so much youth at Rooster Teeth. When the hell did that happen??
3 years ago
BlackPenguin Guardian x5
I'm diggin the Miles & Brian show.
3 years ago
Can't wait!! And guys,my friend has no idea what RTX is -.- and I have no intention of explaining it to him(considering i've already told like 5 of my friends)So to the point,would any of you kind people care to explain ?? xD
3 years ago
WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! Got mine!!! :D :D
3 years ago
OhBloodyHell Sponsor
Got tickets already. I'm psyched. My second RTX. It's gunna be rather different.
3 years ago
Fuck. Wish I could go. :(
3 years ago
I wished I lived somewhere near Texas!
3 years ago
I'm going! Hell yeah these dates couldn't have been more perfect for my schedule!
3 years ago
billyb788 Sponsor
No RTX for me this year, but I will always have the memories of 2011. Hope you all have a great time!
3 years ago
RemboSlice Shenanigans
just got my tickets today!!! gonna be the greatest high school senior trip EVER!!!!
3 years ago
Got my passes!
RTX, here I come!
Side note: the site seems to be doing alright...

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3 years ago
highvltg2 Sponsor
got it
3 years ago
Mind if I start crying here, because I can't attend due to cost of flights.... WAAAAAAA
3 years ago
SO EXCITED. I desperately wanted to go last year but couldn't because of school but I am attending the hell out of this years RTX.
3 years ago
I'm just excited I can afford to do this. Driving mah pick up truck down south with the windows down, radio up, sunny weekend fun. Ah yeah.
3 years ago
you guys are lucky, im stuck here in South Dakota with no money to buy the ticket or pay for the gas.................but there is always next year
3 years ago
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