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Speedrunning for a Good Cause

Everyone knows I'm a huge gamer, but not everyone knows I'm a huge fan of speedruns. Don't know what that is? Well simply put, the objective is to finish a level or game as fast as possible. (click here for a more detailed explanation) I personally think it takes an insane amount of skill to do it. I mean all the memorization involved & executing everything properly, all to be the fastest person in the world to do so.

Anyway my favorite site to view speedsruns is Speed Demos Archive, they have a bunch of speedruns for a whole bunch of games. Wanna see a dude beat Pokemon in 2 hours? They have it!

Anyway the main reason I'm making this journal is they are streaming from May 24th - May 28th all for a good cause. So join the stream donate to the cause and enjoy some of the most skilled gamers in the world beat some of your favorite games in record time
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Sean Google
Personally I liked the guy that beat Super Mario in 5 minutes.
3 years ago  |  + 10 Cool
MaxWalton Sponsor
You wanna know the scary thing?
Only recently someone managed to beat it in 4:58!
#5  Posted 3 years ago
#6  Posted 3 years ago
so glad you were hired on full time Ray.
3 years ago  |  + 7 Ditto
#1  Posted 3 years ago
YES! the last stream was so fucking good! I'm really excited for this.
3 years ago  |  + 2 Cool
Holy crap! I've been speedrunning for years! I had no IDEA I was so healthy!
3 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
Preston IH8Sponsors
I will there for that stream!
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
The_Hybrid AHCommunity
I thought I was quick beating Portal 1 in like an hour...NOPE they beat it in like 12 minutes, it's insane. I'll be sure to watch this
3 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
Actually someone beat pokemon in 0:00.

I love it when they just break the game, its so mesmerizing.

Hl2 done quick has to be my fav though. Bunny hop ftw.
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
That's why I love this community, they actually care about people, they don't just sit there on their high thrones laughing at everyone below them.
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
I love watching legit speedruns. However, I don't count it as a speedrun when someone uses TSA.
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
TAS Speedruns are good too,but I'm glad they have their own category
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Simply awesome. I think my best speed run was when I went through Mass Effect the seventh time. It only took me 8 hours. *cry*

But seriously, that stream is going to be off the hizzy, yo.

Sorry I got street on you there.
3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Ray we need you back in NY. The glasses wearing latino community has indeed suffered since you left
3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
ray you are the the best man
3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Holy crap I just watched a few on YT. Doom 2 in 17 minutes? Half-Life 1 in 27 minutes? These guys are insane. These guys are the real skilled gamers, not the 10K/D fps players.
3 years ago
DuffmanMedic Sponsor
Oh, Mr freaking Tra-la-la with his powers of information sharing, and using it to a good end...


Great, now I have to give MORE money away to a good cause...
3 years ago
BojacPrime Poke Master
I don't see Dark Souls anywhere on the list...
well lets do this
3 years ago
It's going to feel great to watch video's for a good cause.
3 years ago
MisterJ984 Sponsor
I say you should try one! My suggestion is Shadows of the Damned! I'm sure you know that game backwards and forwards!
3 years ago
PinkAura Artist
Pokemon in 2 hours... Holy shit!

Lets see how fast I can speed run Portal 2...
3 years ago
phat742 Las Vegas
super mario world on snes in 10:59? i know for a fact i can beat that. gawdamn amateurs.
3 years ago
Marduk RTX 2014
The Speed Gamers are doing a marathon for charity June 15th-22nd. They're going to be playing all the pokemon games, and I believe catching 'em all.
3 years ago
DavidC1993 Sponsor
I saw a speedrun of oblivion in like 10mins, but goddamn that game has some serious bugs :P
3 years ago
Awesome... I'll be tuning in for sure!
3 years ago
WOW 1:58 Blue version pokemon whit 1 pokemon!!! :O
3 years ago
EmperorPaine Sponsor
Some speed-runs are insane. I always enjoy them. Gonna have to check this out.
3 years ago
axeman210 CoolCoolCool
hey i love speedrunning vids thanks for this cool site you linked to us
3 years ago
RMulligan Demand Bacon
Great to see someone at RT hyping the SDA marathon!

hope to see you in chat Ray!
3 years ago
I won't be in the chat, but I will donate and watch as much as I can
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Very awesome, super cool thing and we're all very glad to have you on full time Ray
3 years ago
nickst7719 I mean YOLO
Go Ray you can do it!!
3 years ago
starfury Sponsor
Cool, I like it when NES Atlas combines speedruns with full maps of the game - www.youtube.com/user/nesatlas
3 years ago
I love speed runs i would suck on the halo campaigns if it weren't for them lol
3 years ago
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