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Livestream for Sponsors!

To celebrate the start of Season 10, we will be having a live stream on TwitchTV for sponsors of the site. The fun starts 30 minutes before the episode airs. So when this post is 30 minutes old, join us at:


See you there!
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I missed most of the livestream, but the part I did watch was pretty cool (Jack even read my comment ).
3 years ago
Preston IH8Sponsors
I can't wait for it to start!
3 years ago
iWes DCI Phantom
LOVE YOU BURNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
So excited!!!!
3 years ago
disneyjedi87 The Doctor
Can't wait/ See you all there
3 years ago
first episode was awesome and worth the wait
3 years ago
NenReaper Sponsor
3 years ago
Victolic Drewcifer
Big Event is Big!
3 years ago
Radius55 Site Admin
Hell Yeah! I'll be there!
3 years ago
Counting Down
3 years ago
kira862 Randomness
Can't wait burnie.
3 years ago
ColeG Cast & Crew
After 10 seasons you still find a way to produce episodes that are fucking amazing! Keep up the awesome work!
3 years ago
ilJexli Geronimo
Sounds Awesome!!! Count me in!!!
3 years ago
Toria350 GIF Addict
You guys do so much for us sponsors! Can't wait!
3 years ago
JazzyKiss Sponsor
count me in!!!
3 years ago
Hallickdnd Programmer
gotta become a sponsor... has it been released as to when season 10 goes out for all to see?
3 years ago
ccspie Sponsor
Go to the Red vs Blue section of videos.There will be a count down timer.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
3starorion LETS EAT
3 years ago
FFmaster ThEternalGMR
Yeah I hope they do. I was online too. If only i had known in time.
3 years ago
Can't wait man! Time to become a sponsor to start seeing the best web series ever earlier!!! It's totally worth it!!

Red Vs Blue!! FUCK YEAH
3 years ago
Congratulations Roosterteeth on releasing the first episode of season 10 of Red Vs Blue. It was a spectacular episode to say the least. Hard to believe that the first episode of the ever so beloved web seriers was released back in 2003. I remember watching this video as a seven year old and laughing my ass off. Over the years I have followed the Reds and the Blues through their hectic adventures in the "boxed canyons" and never lost interest. I never think I will. Thank you Roosterteeth for creating the best show on the web! We love you and support you every step of the way.
3 years ago
rudie11 RollerDerby
Thanks Burnie and RT!
3 years ago
i really hope all the characters come back in the real world so non of them are dead but the director and counsler. the freelancers should just recreate a place for them so they go back to being hired mersonaries and go to save people when needed and reds and blues go back to "fighting" like always ( really sitting around doing nothing but its funny so ) and i hope maine gets some kinda voice thing but if he cant oh well. i just hope all the freelancers come back and C.T isn't evil anymore once the director is dead and project freelanser is gone to.
3 years ago
evll33t Sponsor
Well this will make that hour go by faster :D Thank you.
3 years ago
SirJason30 Sponsor
This going to be great!
3 years ago
Sara_3 Sponsor
Wait... I didn't even get the blog entry till now. WTF?!

Oh well... Still awesome launch. Loved it. =3
3 years ago
runfaster EMAW
For logging into livestream, is it RT account or twitch tv?
3 years ago
ChevyCobb Top Sponsor
This was a really cool thing to do. Very cool that you read and answered one of my questions too! Thanks for allowing the sponsors to be a part of that.
3 years ago
lets do this !
3 years ago
LesGrossman Sponsor

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3 years ago
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