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Season One Special Edition?

Someone on the halo.bungie.org forums recently asked:
I have the Season 1 DVD where it says special edition (refer to their webstore) but when/where was this sold?

Here's a basic rundown. When we first produced the Season One DVD it looked like this:

Note the small Red vs Blue logo on the front and the Special Edition subtitle. That was a bit of a joke, since there weren't any other editions. Just seemed like something you're supposed to have on a cover. You may also notice that it does not say Season One on the cover or spine. That's because when we made the DVD, it was Red vs Blue to us, not Red vs Blue Season One. It's the same reason why The Matrix DVD isn't called The Matrix One. It just seems weird when there are no other DVDs out there. Typically, sponsors from Season One will have the "Special Edition" DVD. Or people who purchased at events. I ruined Sevenars SPecial Edition disc in Toronto when my pen exploded on it. I still need to find him a replacement.

When Season 2 released, it looked like this:

Once again, the RvB logo is small, but now it says "Season Two" above the title. We revamped the Season One DVD to match this look and dropped the "Special Edition" moniker from all future Season One covers. Ironically, this move actually turned those discs into "Special Editions" after all.

When Season 3 released, we adopted the current theme for the covers you see here:

The logo is much bigger (a Gamestop request) and it now clearly shows the Season # on the spine of the disc. All discs for all seasons are now printed in this fashion.

I should also note that Matt does all the cover design work for the discs. I think he's very talented. He had the idea to put a different character on the spine for each season. S1 is Tex, S2 is OMalley and S3 is Wyoming. We figure that will help you find an episode later, since the character on the spine is new on that disc. We toyed with using Donut/Caboose for the Season One icon, but it looked weird having them crammed in there and not many people instantly remember the old Red Donut. For Season 4 we will probably use the alien character or Andy. I would prefer Andy, but that may look strange as well.
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You should do Crunchbite holding Andy! That'd be a good pic for the spine. For the cover, maybe something involving the sword that functions as a key (or is that a key that functions as sword? I get confused about that sometimes!)
9 years ago
longy Skate
How about having the alien character holding andy? That would look cool with like him standing outside camp froman.
That would look soo cool..
9 years ago
Little_Lee I Like Bacon
Go for Andy!
9 years ago
That was just my idea of a joke.
9 years ago
The art work is great and continues to get better with each seaon.
9 years ago
of course when burnie's character was put on the season 3 dvd it had to be like three of them on there.

oh i think you guys should have the alien on the 4th one...
9 years ago
all I can say is I love all the seasons covers, and am sure season fours cover will be just as good as the other covers have been. All I know is, whenever I open a package from Roosterteeth and I see the DVD (Even though I ordered it) Joy, is brought to my heart!
9 years ago
Do we get extra credit if we still have the little inserts?

I still have those too.

I remember someone laughing at the picture of Gus.

I as well have those, in the first one I never noticed the picture of Gus till months after I bought it.
9 years ago
zack Forum Mod
There will never be a DVD cover big enough to fit all of burnie's characters.
9 years ago
Daneja2002 On HighHorse
I'm sure a lot of people have asked this...and I'm sure a thread was made of it, but I've been gone for a while so I'll go a head and ask it...flame me if anyone wants to I don't care.

What's the ETA on the season four dvd?
9 years ago
grifmasta Patriots
i have all of them..signed by you
9 years ago
I think you should have a making of the Season 4 DVD art on the S4 DVD.

It should be a journal entry.
But on a DVD.
On the menu.
9 years ago
For Season 4 we will probably use the alien character or Andy.

So is his name not Crunchbite?
9 years ago
Ahh, good ol' DVDs....I need to buy those one day
9 years ago
spikep Sponsor
Cool Burnie I have Season Three!
9 years ago
thnx for the info burnie
9 years ago
does this mean that crunchbite will feature in a later episode???
9 years ago
I did not know this
9 years ago
I think it would be ironic if the DVD was made of iron. Doh.
9 years ago
that's a cool bit of history on the DVDs
9 years ago
ummm thanks for the clarification.....
9 years ago
andy on the side... that would be like putting the sun or the moon on the side... it's just kind of an orb with a bright colour. The alien would be the best choice in my opinion... or maybe if you randomly bring someone new in before the season ends... then they could be the spine.

I think the idea of the alien holding andy would also be an interesting spine cover.
9 years ago
armyman09 Who
Well thanks for the info burnie. You also ruined my season two disc at last years comic con. The pen that you used was low on ink so you started rubbing the pen on my disc back and forth until ink came out and then you wrote your name under a big long smuge of ink. I laughed but you put Burnie did this over your name and put a arrow pointed to the smudge. I remember Yomary laughing when she saw the smudge. But its all good. I still have the whole cast sign my two DVDs. It was awesome can't wait for this year.
9 years ago
It'll be alright
9 years ago
Wow, I never knew there was such a story the the cover art! Thanks for the nice, lengthy, journal, Most of you staff members (save Kat) are pretty much known to make short little splurges.

Oh, BTW, you have a typo,
I ruined Sevenars SPecial Edition disc

Hehe, nobody gets away with extra capitolization when I'm around.
9 years ago
I ruined Sevenars SPecial Edition disc in Toronto when my pen exploded on it. I still need to find him a replacement.

maybe that should be the Sevenar Edition
9 years ago
DiMono Site Admin
So uh, when are you going to reveal that trick that made shooting episode 73 easier?
9 years ago
gus Cast & Crew
File does not exist.

The preview button is your friend
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*goes and looks at my DVDs*
wow I never knew that. Thanks for the info!
9 years ago
karlhockey Ze Purple
Cool, I do like the idea of a Special Edition disk(although I dont own ant rvb merch)
crap, missed the point.
But it is kinda a special edition disk because of the fact that they are mainly sold here(sponsors)

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9 years ago
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