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41 year-old male from Lost in a hell that is AZ
Yeah I'm PAINS bitch! You gotta problem with that?
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SAY IT AIN'T SOSo I know I've been gone forever but alot has changed in my life. ALOT. To start off I sold the house I had just bought less than six months ago to buy a bigger house. The Animal hospital I work at offered me a ungodly amount of money to stay with them so it looks like I will be staying here and not going to Atlanta. Oh yeah I almost forgot I'M GETTING MARRIED. Yes you read that right me Mr. stripclubs and AVN awards is engaged. So she made the mistake of letting me pick the date so we will be getting married on June 6th 2006. Get it 6-6-06 how evil is that. So if anyone is in the Bahamahs on that day you're welcome to come to the wedding. But you better bring a good gift you cheap bastards.
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Name Will
Occupation I kill puppies
Birthday January 17th, 1974
Interests Gameing with friends going to the gym good girls who like badboys playing with my dog Firearms and Hockey.
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