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14 year-old female from somewhere in Alberta, Canada
I AM NOT 8 YEARS OLD! I am 18; Although i wish the site gives back the age change option
XBL: xWing Blade
PSN: TypoFighter

- Drawing
- Gaming
- Playing/hanging out with friends
- Gundam (i collect bunch of model kits :D)
- Customizing stuff (avatars, profiles, forums, etc)
- Problem solving moments (like how to get a teleporter in halo reach to throw you in the right direction)

- Annoying people (whining, bitchy, kiss asses, immature commenters, super demanding, bossy, screaming, backstabbers, cheaters)

I'll be adding in more... updated stuff later when ever i have time
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:)Nothing like sitting down, staring at the screen and trying to think of something to write down as a journal entry...
Or just not being creative at the moment
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Name Steph
Occupation Engineering Desgin and Drafting Student
Birthday December 31st, 2000
Interests Video gaming art
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Music DNB
Movies Transformers 1 & 2 9 Silent Hill Resident Evil Nemesis Got High Ironman
TV Shows Mainly old cartoons and some anime like Gundam (Seed Seed Destiny Zeta G Wing etc) Black Butler Eyeshield 21 and.... yea
Books I dont really have a favourite in books i just read what i have