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Not Another Damn Post-RTX Journal!!Yes it's gonna be one of those journals people, procrastination and I have a love/hate relationship but I've finally got through it to write this. I'm going to avoid writing numerous paragraphs explaining how much fun I had and how awesome RTX was because frankly there isn't enough space in this journal, so I'll just write down some highlights from my experience.

- I spent quite a bit of time during the weekend hanging out with @Jteeth, @MisterJ984, @Victolic and my roommate @PreacherPain.
- Also spent some time hanging out with @ActionMan and helping him with his injured leg. I hope him a speedy recovery, but I can't deny that being his VIP +1 for a couple days was pretty sweet.
- Each day after RTX I went to the RT SideQuest events and they were amazing, major props to Newbs for helping to put it all together and bringing everyone such joy! (My mistake, major props properly go to @GB330033 for RT SideQuest. However @Newbs does deserve credit for the incredible Rooster Speak Dinner!!)
- Spent quite a bit of time talking to the very talented @lukemckay and even got some of his books and posters signed along with a portrait of my face. (Which should be my avatar once I get my scanner up and running.)
- I got addicted playing an iOS game called Battle Nations thanks to Luke Mckay. It's kind of like the Civilization games, but in a military sci-fi setting and the characters are funny as hell, very reminiscent of Red vs. Blue with quite a few pop culture references. The combat and story is very addicting so if you play or would like to, hit me up on there (JoshPhil1138) as I'm in a Rooster Teeth guild with Luke and we could always use more players!
- Throughout the weekend I've run into and talked to some of my good friends and made some new ones, not that I have any bad ones on here, like @Cheshire_Cat, @Cove, @OboeCrazy, @Hunter, @Nat, Toku @Schraver, @Blitz120, @Juls, @Steven, @DarkBowler, @Dracoizumi, and I'm sure I've missed some people so if I did I'm sorry and I owe you one extra hug and a drink.
- Spent the last night at Buffalo Billards for SideQuest hanging out with all the awesome people listed above and good times were had by all.
- On the last day, Monday July 7th, I went to the Salt Lick with the others. I went by cab, but with the trip being expensive as hell I ended up sharing it with Hunter and @Tejnin who does some amazing cosplay and was an absolute pleasure to hang out and chat with. Thank you for being awesome and for the cosplay tips, keep up the awesome work!

In the end the trip was phenomenal and even covering the highlights doesn't do the event justice. No doubt talking about it with you guys when we meet at future events will bring up some memories I can share, I hope everyone had a great time and a safe trip home. I surprisingly didn't cry as I left, probably because I know I'll be seeing some of you in less than a month at TO: Uncon, but for those I won't, it was awesome seeing you and we'll just keep in touch on here! I check the site multiple times a day, so this site is the best way to reach me.

That's about it for now, I'll talk to you guys later. Remember, play more games!
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