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Name Your Own Price Game Design BundleThe title says it all, sort of. StackSocial.com is currently offering over 100 hours of Game Design courses ranging from scripting and level design to drawing techniques and modeling using programs like Unity 3D and Photoshop. All you have to do is pay more money than the current average for all 4 training apps, which is currently $7.57, for content that would cost around $800.

An even better incentive is that the money you spend goes to one of the following charities: Child's Play (Which is the charity I'm selecting), World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons. Now keep in mind this bundle is only for the lessons and training in Unity 3D, Photoshop and Maya, the actual programs do not come bundled. However they list ways to get the free versions of these programs for you to use, the only exception is Adobe Photoshop.

Click here for the Game Design Bundle.

Whether you choose to buy a bundle or not, share this with your friends or anyone you know who might be interested in making video games. This could be incredibly helpful to them and the money is going to some great causes!
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