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25 year-old male from Stevenson Ranch; CA
I accept Random Friend Requests, I dont care if your a friend Whore, just at least talk to me once in a whileand if you want me to, just ask and i'll watch you

Im sorry, I just had to...It changes every 30 seconds

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Journal Hmmm.Yea I'm alive, I post somewhat.


Gay marriage: for or against, post reasons as to why
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Name Tyler
Occupation High School
Birthday December 29th, 1989
Interests Video games Girls...Video games RvB etc.
Music If it has a nice beat i like it.
Movies Batman Begins Fantastic Four Spiderman Final Destiny.
TV Shows Code Lyoko South Park Chappells Basically Toonami Reno
Books Ill read anything from Playboy to Harry Potter.