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Due to the current statistical trend in my life, in concurrence with my introvert personality, the most probable outcome will be that I will die alone.
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Halo 2 VS. Half-life 2I posted the following on someone's image comments but decided I'd like to make it a journal since I rant about this anyways so here goes...

"I think Halo is a VERY VERY good game, but I think Half life 2 is a VERY VERY VERY good game. As for the multiplayer aspect I can't really compare the two because for one thing anyone that has HL2 will have access to an INSANE amount of mods that Are going to be better then most entire games based completely around multiplayer. But I also love halo 2 and it brings Console gaming to another level. It has one of the best (if not the best) setup for online console multiplayer. Halo 2 is pulling more people into gaming and bringing video games into the mainstream which is a double edged sword. No longer will gamers be looked at as "nerds" (to an extent") but this will also result with a greatly increased amount of garbage gamers are going to have to sort through. so in conclusion, I don't feel the two should be compared but they should rather be set on two seperate thrones. On the Console FPS throne will sit Halo 2 while on the PC FPS throne HL2 will sit. But if I did have to compare the two I would have to say HL2 IS better in every aspect. This is all only my opinion though and everyone is entitled to their own, I just love both these games and can get kind of gabby about em'."

Bungie and Valve both have worked very hard to make their fans happy and both deserve to be proud of their masterpieces.
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