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23 year-old male from Colton, CA
Hey there, I'm David, or if you wanna call me by my usual screen name, Nada! Nice to make your acquantaince! I am 18 years old and I got to college in California! Im an all around nerdy guy looking for some cool people to hang with!
If you guys got Xbox feel free to add me on there and we'll play some games!
My gamertag and steam name is nadaenchilada
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Microphone WoesI've had nothing but back luck with Microphones/Headphones for about as long as I can rememeber. They either ended up broken by siblings, or somehow forced to do an amazing trapeeze act in my room when I am not looking. This time around it was the headset microphone that I use to make lets plays, WELP. There goes video production untill I get the moolah to buy myself something decent to record...
Anyone have any suggestions as to what are good microphones to use for voice recordings?
(Right now its looking like blue snowballs and yetis are the ones that are affordable and also reliable)
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