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27 year-old male from The dusty North of Texas
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at the correct moment to revel,the encompassing mass of personas shall as one celebrate themselves and all things with great fervour.
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Name Eric
Occupation Chemist. Alcoholic. Good combo.
Interests Skiing Tennis Video Games Disc Golf Golf Explosives food
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Music Frank classical some rap some country most rock some pop-rock and poprocks. I hate you and I hate the bands you like.
Movies Deep Rising The Blade trilogy Monty Pythons ID4 Tombstone Airplane 1 and 2 The Naked Gun- 1 ;22;-1/2;33 1/3 The Matrix 1-3 Super Troopers
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Books Harry Potter Clive Cussler-Dirk Pitts Between the Bridge and the River Catch-22
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