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Bobomcgraw Bah Humbug
That's how it's doneMade myself a burger, by which I mean I got a load of mince, kneaded it in a bowl, adding salt, pepper, garlic and mixed herbs and spices, and split it into three patties. Then I fried them up, slowly, for a while. When that was done I microwaved them for two minutes because they didn't cook all the way through. (I had the heat on low and a lid on the pan too, but in my defence I did make big patties)

For some reason they swelled while frying and came out looking more like very big meatballs. Still good though. The spices added a subtle, but pleasant, after taste.

Served them on a multigrain bap, because white bread is for asshloles.

Ketchup and mustard, no cheese, because I'm lactose intolerant and I do not want a repeat of the last time I had the bright idea of consuming dairy products. No amount of flavour is worth that.
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