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25 year-old male from Louisville, KY

"Is this real?" asks Neo.
"What is 'real'? Define 'real'. If what you call 'real' is what you can see, smell, taste, or touch, then 'real' is simply...electrical signals, forged by your brain." -Morpheus, from The Matrix
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RevisitDoes anyone still frequent this place? Does anyone here remember me?
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Name Clynt
Birthday October 21st, 1989
Interests Interesting things.
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Music Rock (leaning towards hard rock and metal) All That Remains Alter Bridge Atreyu Breaking Benjamin Bullet for my Valentine Chevelle Crossfade Evans Blue Foo Fighters In Flames Incubus Journey Killswitch Engage Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain The Offspring Poets of the Fall Rise Against Sevendust Taking Back Sunday Three Days Grace and many video game composers including Grant Kirkhope Jason Hayes Koji Kondo Martin O'Donnell Russell Brower Derek Duke Glenn Stafford Matt Uelmen Kelly Bailey Yuka Tsujiyoko Yoshito Hirano
Movies I'm not picky here but I like action and I'm very enthralled by film noir. Most notable are Brick Sin City 300 Jet Li's Fearless Sunset Boulevard
TV Shows X-Play Cheat Attack of the Show Two and a Half Men Beavis and Butthead Whose Line is it Anyway? The Daily Show Colbert Report South Park Arrested Development Eureka
Books Some video game novels many epic poems (including Dante's Divine Comedy) the works of Ayn Rand (Anthem The Fountainhead Atlas Shrugged) the works of Raymond Chandler The Watchmen