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25 year-old male from Fort McMurray Alberta Canada eh?
I'm about having a good time. ... im like 5"5' i think, brown/black hair, i wear glasses, i like to snowboard........what else.......ahh.....i have 2 dogs which are super-beyond cool, a bird(parrot) that talks! (says What are you doing, Shut up, Hello, Good-Night and this cool whiiiiirrrr sound :D )
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Phew....finally get to relaxVisited France again yesterday. Oh ! and Holland too

Funny thing, it's an island that is half owned by the Dutchand french called St. Maartin (Yes St. Maartin, the 2 a's arent spellings mistzakes)

I went on a nature wondertou :) it was cool. I got hit with a "monkey sized" fist full of dirt, thrown at me because i only gave him 3 peanuts instead of his regular 4 :D lol

and went shoppping a little bit
oh yeah, on the last yesterday i went to St. Thomas (american owned island) and SHOPPED with GIRLS for FIFVE AND A HAALFF HOURS.

My sister got some new earrings for 500 $, and that was with 60% off >< ; (Originally looking at ones worth 980$ with 60% off, do the math :O)

And my mom got a new fancy Emerald ring studded witnh real diamonds, cost around 1200$

For me however...i got a COLOR CHANGING SHIRT! its SO cOcc OL!

rofl @ theses laggy computer typos

and i shopped for lots of ppl :)
Today was fun though...i slept in until 11Am (1 pm fortmac time)

and i actually had a social life :) but that will come soomn

After picking up a crepe (YEAH A CREPE) and some pizza from the free 24 hr pizzaria, i went up to the pool deck to watch the 'mr sexy legs' competition, and watched it because it was hilarius :)

after that i went down and watched the pool volleyball games, and then went swiming and hot tubbing myself.

Best part was the hot tub :) they arent that hot, and the wind from the ship lets you stay in it forever without feeling like your going to pass out :)

Heres where my social life began, i actually tried talking to ppl (shy old me) just to keep things exciting. So far i have met:

Dan from Minnesota. He's a PRIEST! rofl. about 30 yrs old

Jeff from Kansas. 22 yr old Carpenter

Jeff from Florida. Cant remember the city, but hes like 30 too i think, with 2 really funny kids.

Laurine from Georgia. Graduating this year, 18 yrs old, and really nice :)

Jeff from Maryland. By this time i was cracking up since he was the third Jeff i had met in the last like 4 hours, so he left and i didnt learn anything 'bout him . >< lol

and three twins(if its possibble) all 16 yrs old from Montreal, John, Jake and....You guessed it, JEFF :D it was a great day, and i hope i meet some of these ppl again, all lots of fun to talk to.

one more sea day (just travelling) and then i'm back to florida, but we arent going home till the 6th, so we'll havfe to find something to do.

Anyways, thishhas cost me 8 $ sof ar so i'll say Goodbye for now, and if i dont make a jouirnal tomorrow hav e a happy new year :D

Love Josh
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Name Josh
Occupation Part-Time Mover//Full-Time Improv Actor!
Birthday December 25th, 1989
Interests I like Snowboarding sledding Skidooing anything musical(playing listening and singing) all music except rap(if you havent already noticed) snowboarding Improv Acting playing sports that dont involve height running(mostly away) snowboarding hanging out with people at school movies whose-line-is-it-anyway...have i mentioned snowboarding?
Music ANYTHING BUT RAP EH? Preferably 80's rock(iron maiden etc)
Movies Probably something along the lines of Master of Disguise Lord of the Rings trilogy Star Wars(old not new) Dodgeball Austin Powers trilogy Aliens Quadrilogy Cheerleading Ninjas(only joking) The Last Samarai Top Gun Karate Kid Scary Movie 3 Day after Tomorrow Rush Hour 1&2 most James Bond movies and plenty more.
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