Volume 5 Weiss Character Short - Premieres Oct 14

RWBY: Volume 5 Weiss Character Short - Premieres Oct 14

All her life, Weiss Schnee has lived a privileged and pampered life... but it did not come without its own hardships. RWBY Volume 5 Premieres October 14 on Rooster Teeth FIRST.

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Comments (5)

  • 3dZer0mega

    2 months ago

    Just came back to mention something... Spoiler alert

    After watching RWBY 5th (and currently last season so far), seems this trailer say more than Weiss past... it may actually hint something related to Winter...
    anyone wondering how was she able to create the blizzard around Weiss?
    So far i know, glyphs can be used for different things, but never seen it alter the weather around. only maidens been able to create storms as far i know... 

    could it be Winter is actually the Winter maiden? Would not be too surprised considering Raven is the Spring Maiden.

    • NobleWill8

      1 month ago

      No, then she'd be more valuable to Ironwood and he wouldn't blow her out of Ozpin's circle. I'm willing to bet Ozpin shared a lot more Maiden-related stuff to Pyrrha then to Winter.

  • Doctor_Q.716

    2 months ago

    Seeing this in theaters was honestly one of the coolest experiences ever. It was so much more ominous and creepy. 

  • CottenCandyKitten

    2 months ago

    Heres a thing I thought/theory . In the first white trailer for season one of RWBY think of what weiss was fighting, it look similir to what weiss and winter can summon, because it is. In the white trailer for season 5 (or volume) weiss is fighting some more, she does not have her scar (witch she gets in the seaon/volume 1 white trailer) and we can see when she has one she can’t fight she calls out Winters name and is disappers. We can think in both white trailers Winter was training her sister.

    • NobleWill8

      1 month ago

      Actually, if you've read the manga, Jacques doesn't want Weiss to go to Beacon 'cause it's in Vale, so he tests her to see if she can make it. It's Jacques, not Winter.

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