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36 year-old male from Austin, Texas
Motion Design Director and visual fx artist at Rooster Teeth. I make the stuff in a video that makes you say, "whoa! that's bad-ass". Other than that, I also like to find cool food trailers and watch movies with my wife, hang out with my daughter and I've also been known to harass the RT Sponsor chat with painful movies embedded from YouTube.
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brianb Cast & Crew
Motion Design and VFX classes at RTX 2014 Hi everybody,
Wanted to tell you a little about what I'll be speaking about on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at RTX. I have three panels at the beginning of each day and instead of just talking about work I'm going to spend an hour each day walking through the creation of a project and answering questions as I go along.


Making S*!@ Look Pretty- Designing Titles at RT
In the first class, we're going to start working on a title design for a fake sci-fi show. We'll talk about the differences between designing logos and designing titles and start creating elements for our sci-fi epic open.

VFX: Digitally Blowing Stuff Up for Fun & Profit

Branching off of what we created on Friday, We're going to work on a VFX shot that will be part of our title sequence. You don't need to have been at the first class to come to the second. We're going to be talking about different things but the projects we'll be related. We'll be recreating something very similar to this.


VFX 102: Everything We Didn't Cover the First Time

I'm feeling like doing something with babies and proton packs. How does that sound? Sound fun?


Anyway, I hope you can come out. I think it'll be fun. And if you ask questions, I promise I'll have a stash of prizes to give away as well. Maybe even a 'stache' of prizes.
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