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25 year-old male from Coventry, UK
Im a patriotic Briton, if you love my country, you are welcome, if you dont, get the hell out of my profile.

Rule Britannia! Britannia Rules the Waves!
Britons never shall be slaves!

God Save our Gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen,
God Save the Queen!
Send Her Victorious,
Happy and Glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God Save the Queen!

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Seriously WTFIf this account was a child, then it would be taken away from me due to neglect, maybe if we get a new RT series soon then i'll pay more attention. lolololol I found the spoiler button!!!
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Name Alex
Occupation Well paid rich person.
Birthday April 6th, 1990
Interests The British Empire Military history and world history in general Football Patriotism Imperialism Martial Arts Red vs Blue Halo Fire Team Charlie The Squadron Newgrounds The Simpsons Gaming Politics Christianity Greek Mythology Caboose and Sarge!!! Films and TV
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Music Nickelback Evanescance Muse Nightwish Good Charlotte Hoobastank Red Hot Chilli Peppers Linkin Park Aerosmith Bowling For Soup Lost Prophets The Black Mages basically rock and some various random crap like Reel Big Fish Crush 40 and some other game soundtracks
Movies The Last Samurai LOTR Trilogy Star Wars (all 6) Pulp Fiction The Godfather Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse The Matrix (all 3) Kung Pow: Enter The Fist Rush Hour 1+2 Troy Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Hero House of Flying Daggers Team America: World Police Equilibrium Alien Quadrilogy Indiana Jones Trilogy Van Helsing Kill Bill 1+2 Underworld The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Bourne Identity Bourne Supremecy I Robot A Bridge Too Far Zulu The Longest Day Saving Private Ryan Enemy at the Gates Bridge on the River Kwai Lawrence of Arabia The Italian Job (1969) The Italian Job (2003) Scary Movie Trilogy Scream Trilogy Spider Man 1 and 2 Black Hawk Down the Monty Python films King Kong (1933 and 2005) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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Books Classic stuff like Shakespeare Dickens Milton Tolkien and philosophy like Plato Aristotle etc and some Christian stuff (i.e. Bible) Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series is good too I read alot of stuff