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34 year-old male from Porirua, New Zealand
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A Spirited effort.I pulled out all the stops and finally lurched my way through the last couple of levels of the Halo 4 campaign this week. This is not to say that my efforts to get less crap at video games have paid off just yet, but i certainly feel that I'm doing a little better. I've also been playing through a bit of Spartan ops solo, which has been a blast. Next on my list I think will be Deadspace, having watched Michael's series on youtube. I'll also be playing a few other games as always, but I'm trying to make it a point to play through complete campaigns on a few specific titles. I'm also slowly hammering away at LA noir, which I originally had on the PC through steam, as it struck me as being a game I could make a good shot at going for all the achievements on, at least on the basic game itself. i may also try for DLC at some point.
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