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27 year-old female from Denton, TX

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Earthlings. Updates: I am alive. I am leaving in March for holiday in London. Its been four months since my break up with the ex. I think I am doing good. I have been hanging out with friends a lot lately. I was just so blah for the longest. I am just not ready to jump back out into the dating scene. I don't really remember what it is like to date. Its been over four years since my last one. Maybe its like riding a bike. You forget, fall off, make a fool of yourself, and eventually learn it all over again. I am still working at the job I hate but it pays the bills and this economy still sucks. No one is really hiring. I am just lucky to have not been laid off. Well, I better get back to other things. Hope to hear from you guys.

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Name Samantha
Occupation Retail
Birthday July 9th, 1987
Interests D&D. ghost hunting traveling WoW.
Music Anything! If I like it then its my favorite. I like rock metal indie etc. I like me some Bright Eyes!
Movies The Labyrinth LOTR Harry Potter Rocky Horror Picture Show Azumi.
TV Shows House Buffy Angel Veronica Mars Farscape Babylon 5 Love Hina Scrapped Princess....
Books Anything that I take an interest in. Well so far its the Black Magicians Triology. I have a list of millions of books to read but as of now its that.