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22 year-old male from Scotland

Click here to visit the guys above in the series "On a tangent" drawn by my brother, written by me at The-Stickmen.com!
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Im on the internet!So recently as some of you may know my brother thebeta began to write and draw his own web comic on his website the-stickmen.com.

Anyway, when i get bored I tend to doodle in my maths jotters, and recently I showed my brother a few of them. Needless to say he recognised my talent straight away (I gave my graphs body's and speech, genius right?) and now my little doodles are going to be posted every Wednesday on his site under the name "On a Tangent" (came up with that myself during an especially boring maths class) written by me, drawn by beta.

So check back every Wednesday to see what kind of antics sin cos and tan are up to at The Stickmen!
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