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25 year-old male from Birch Bay, WA
I am a wealth of useless information. My goal in life is very simple: live through every day, or die trying.

Watching RvB since 5/26/03

The History of the Duckie

NO MORE REASONLESS FRIENDS! Most people get denied, and inmature illiterate people go directly on my blocklist.

Also, I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN VOTING, as I feel anyone who crawls around asking for a vote does not deserve it.

76.97 of all statistics are made up on the spot.
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Vacancy NoticeI think I'm slowly growing out of this site. Or I'm getting bored of it. Or I'm getting to busy with other stufts.

Anyway, I'm only checking this site every once and a while, fluctuating between 2 hours and 2 weeks. Hell, I'm missed the site overhual. I missed the release of OoM, and I just might miss Season 5.

My watchlist has never been this long. I fear mato might be wreaking Havoc in the PPR thread. But life is starting to kick in.

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Name Johnson
Occupation Unofficial smart-guy of the High School
Birthday May 11th, 1990
Interests Programming (VB); photoshopping; electronics; poultry; Rooster Teeth Productions; screaming AFLAC when going down rollercoasters; computer assembly repair and upgrade; multimedia editing mastery; living; relaxing ;thinking; creating; surviving.
Music Trance Techno: Cynic project ReSequenced Blutranz; Various game soundtracks and fan creations; Wierd Al.
Movies The last time I went to a movie theater was 7 years ago.
TV Shows Haven't watched any good TV in quite a while.
Books The Hatchet series Farienhight 451 Halo series Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy Catch-22 Slaughterhouse 5 Digital Fortess.