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10 Months......since my last journal entry. Damn. I miss the good old days. Frequent journal entries, many people replying, posting random images I find on the internet up on my profile (like my Vault Boy kicking the pregnant lady avatar, which I still find hilariously wrong), the mod contests, the Photoshop effects I would make for people. Those were the days, man. This site truly was a big part of my fondest memories from my High School days and onward.

But I am not gone! I never was. I always logged in to see what was going on with this site, but I just never posted anything. I'm still maintaining my Youtube page with daily videos, and new games that i'm doing playthroughs on. Currently uploading my playthrough of Dark Souls 2, which is an AMAZING game! The original game was one of my favorite games of all time, and this is a very worthy sequel. Some things about it aren't as good as the original game, but it's a great game nonetheless!

Speaking of the whole Youtube thing, I've been thinking that I really should get in to live streaming on Twitch sometime soon. It's the next logical step in the whole "play video games and talk bullshit while you do it" thing. I just have to actually pull the trigger on doing it. Seems like a fun thing to do!

That's about all for now. Just wanted to let those of you who are still out there know that i'm not dead! Though Path of Exile has still got firm hold of my soul, and doesn't let go. They're having a two week charity race that they are also giving away prizes for. I already donated some money to the charity (Child's Play) so I feel good about that!

Hopefully I'll be back sooner than 10 months from now! Have a good one, all!
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