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24 year-old male from heavan's gates and hells' fire
I support Our troops

Im going to enlist into the marines after highschool or go to westpoint, or be a fire fighter.

I write many many good poems, some to be okay, and some that are consider my best work. I write all the stuff from my head, all from me.

. My words, My Ideas, My choices
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StoryYesterday night,
My phone rang "1 new message from Adam" it was his sister that texted me saying how her brother was killed in Iraq by an IED. The message was vague but I was able paint the scene in my mind, him smiling while riding shotgun in the humvee laughing joking with his buddies, and then suddenly being blown to utter shit. Metal morphing with blood and guts, all of most dead in a fucking desert in a place where they have been fighting over the idea of a god. Blood now had stained the sand that his body lies motionless on. I asked his sister if he died instantly. She called me as my phone rang "desperate times by killswitch engage" I answered she said "no" softly on the other end. My heart implodes my stomach collapses. I told her I was sorry for Adam. She bung up. I proceeded to picture him in pieces bleeding out as the medical term is described, the process of which the body looses to much blood and can't keep the oxygen to vital organs, usually when this occurs the body is cold because all of the blood loss is also heat. In my mind I saw him, covered in red, trying to put himself back together, I imagine the shrapnel tore his body cleanly in several pieces. I went and I drank, I drank until I vomitted and I drank in the shower too. I exit I, wash my hands I saw the soap and the water as blood on my hands. Not just any blood his blood. As if I was trying to put him back together.
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Name Anthony
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