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22 year-old male from Portland, Maine
RvB Season 9 - "You're Going Down" <-- My fan-made action montage of Season 9

Music addict, video game enthusiast, Pittsburgh Penguins obsessee. Oh, and I like taking pictures!

Finalized Top 5 Albums of 2015;
5) Vol 5.: Lost at Home - More Than A Thousand
4) Jealous Gods - Poets of the Fall
3) Black Widow - In This Moment
2) Transmissions - Starset
1) Nøthing Møre - Nothing More
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Fresh StartWell, for the second time in a year, I've another fresh start on my plate.

My parents are moving out to Arizona, and I've no interest of going with them, so I've moved down to Portland, ME with one my best friends and gotten a new job as a Customer Service Rep at TWC.

Here's to another new beginning, and, hopefully, I'm gonna include this website back into my life.
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