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21 year-old male from Swanville, Maine
RvB Season 9 - "You're Going Down" <-- My fan-made action montage of Season 9

Music addict, video game enthusiast, Pittsburgh Penguins follower. Oh, and I like taking pictures!

Current Top 5 Albums of the year;
5) Savages - Theory of a Deadman
4) How We Wondrously Perish - Being As An Ocean
3) Vol 5.: Lost at Home - More Than A Thousand
2) Restoring Force - Of Mice and Men
1) Nøthing Møre - Nothing More

Currently Anticipating Releases from; In This Moment, Poets of the Fall, Live, Black Veil Brides, Devin Townsend and maybe Atreyu
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54 hours!That's how many hours I worked this week; gotta love OT!

You know what sucks though? 5 of the 6 shifts were night shifts, til 2am, and now I can't sleep when I have to be to work at 5am (you know, just over 4 hours from now). Ugh. Fuck you body and your inability to readjust my sleep patterns.
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