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Remember, to get by, you have to be StreetwiseIn day five of Protectobot Week, we take a look at the fifth member and last of the limb bots. May I present to you a returning member of the Protectobots, Streetwise!

Streetwise here is a futuristic looking police car, but unlike his G1 incarnation, he's much sleeker here. He's also a reshelling of the Stunticon Dead End. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

They're essentially the same mold, but you couldn't tell from the alt-mods. Aside from having the same transformation scheme and similar robot appearances, these two are almost nothing alike at all.

Of course, Streetwise does carry his own set of problems. There is, of course, the foot/fist peg.

Still looks stupid. But here's something different. Despite being a reshelling and retool, Streetwise's main weapon isn't something similar to Dead end.

He gets a three-barreled shotgun instead. The only way to protect the peace? Through superior firepower. And why don't we go ahead and move on to Streetwise's robot mode.

That face scares me. Despite having a very different transformation than his G1 incarnation, where the hood of the car covered most of the body, the CW Streetwise has Dead End's transformation. Though I do like them using the black along the chest to call back to his iconic G1 look.

As stated, Streetwise uses Dead End's mold, and it's pretty apparent that there are some differences in robot mode.

But it's not as much as the differences in alt-mode, which were quite a bit.

And lastly, here's Streetwise with his weapons. Apparently he's been playing Dirge of Cerberus and thought "That is a cool gun and I want one." So he went and got one. I hope it works out for him.

And that covers the limb bots. Tomorrow, make sure your Hot Spots are in working order, for we take a look at the leader of the Protectobots. Until next time.
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