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25 year-old male from Austin, TX
I'm a lover of all things! Secretly hate everything, shh

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caleb Cast & Crew
Labor Day WeekendGood news everyone, I'm flying to Seattle this weekend, which means I'll be in the area for PAX. Bad news everyone, I'm flying to Seattle for an Ultimate tournament so I won't be at PAX. There is a good chance I'll be around the convention center Sunday night though, so maybe we can hang out! Or if you happen to have the time, come watch me play in Burlington, WA.

9:00am vs Denver Johnny Bravo
1:00pm vs Seattle Sockeye
3:00pm vs Atlanta Chain Lightning


If you're interested in following the action or coming to watch, check out the tournament page. I play in the men's division for Austin Doublewide. You can also check for updates via Twitter....
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