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A journal to document this sad day where a role model to many, myself includedA journal to document this sad day where a role model to many, myself included, has passed away.
As to what will happen with RWBY, Miles and Kerry helped carry out Monties' dream by writing it under his vision, he'd always wanted to see it come to fruition since he was young.
He first began at Rooster Teeth after they noticed his "Haloid" videos where basically Samus fought Masterchief he proceeded to be hired, animate season 8 of RVB where it was, do most of season nine and eventually accumulated a team of animators at rooster teeth by season 10, shortly after with most of his Red trailer as proof of concept he pitched the idea of RWBY officially to Matt and Burnie after it being a side project for many years. Over the last two years we've seen his dream come to life as had he, it's been the first anime to be exported to Japan after being picked up by Warner Brothers for distribution, it's won many awards and now has truly started its journey to becoming something even more beautiful than he could've imagined it would be so for that I say bravo Monty, you followed your dream and it became reality and that's something we can all look up to.

Rest in Peace and the hearts of those who loved, knew, met, saw or even just admired you will be with you and your spirit and memory will live on with us and though your creations, so thank you Monty, thank you for being a role model and more.
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