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Skyrim theory??I don't know why it just occurred to me: Imperials are Romans. Not just because of their legion outfit, but because of the words "Legion" and "Imperial" more or less originated from ancient Greece, which Peloponnesian wars made Sparta the new rulers, to then after in some hundred years Rome was the new Sparta/Athens center of Italian empire building that we adore and romanticize over. More on this is how all the NPCs are named. That all imperial NPCs have Greek names and just about all the Nord names are not Norse like I'd like to think, nor are the Celtic as a close second, but are instead older German/Goth names. And setting aside the world wars in which Germany and Italy were BFFs, the roman empire was almost constantly at war with the "barbarian goths" Germans.
Looking deeper into the religion brings up another point of Christianity and the talos dilemma. Assuming that Talos=Jesus in a weird bethesda way; a man who ascended to the divines, power greater than all, ect. . But looking at recorded history that some German Goths left the clan system for kingships and embraced the new religion (Christ, meaning messiah or sent by god(s)). Romans, having still a pantheon of gods, didn't like this since it was a threat to their tradition and empire-ing and so they went to war--well, more war.
Going back! If all my crazy ass assumptions are right, then making the almari dominion into the Persians ties in perfectly! Because let's face it: You weren't a great empire worthy or remembering unless you challenged and won against the Persians (you didn't have to conquer, just win a battle or more) even the mongols are no exception, but more on that theory later. Persia constantly invaded Greece and even won a few times (Thermopylae and such). The capital Provence place type area of Tamriel is Cyrodiil, but for convenience I'm going to redub it as Greece. That's better. So Persia invades Greece and controls it a while with some resistance and more wars. Okay, lining up nicely enough. Persia also allowed conquered kingdoms and allowed the kings to remain, being that the Persian king was king of kings, in the same way that Tamriel kept its imperial emperor.
Just another notice is that the Nord clothing looks a lot like how Goth-clan clothing was described for ancient Germans (I say ancient, meaning still before 1000 AD, so really really old and culture no longer exists because of change) and Imperials don't normally wear that because to the Roman Imperial Legion (And all it's terminology of ranks pretty much the same) pants were for barbarians. Note: Barbarian doesn't = braveheart, but is how the enemy was seen to be speaking like "bar bar bar"; the term then turned to mean uncivilized which basically means: Not like us. so that's fashion and terminology down.
Moving on to imperial luck and voice of the emperor, 2 in game trait of the imperial race. If there's something Rome was known for other than it's army, it was it's wealth; and that Italian empires, be they Greek, Spartan or Roman, gathered up wealth to run the empire! So money, particularly minted gold coins, was very important to imperial life. Sound familiar? Oh please sound familiar, cause I'm a little proud of myself in an awkward and nerdy way.
I'm also pretty sure that a few of the deadric princes have Gothic names. When I say goth, i don't mean all black and heavy make up; i mean historically accurate, Germanic goths.
I also really want to paint Ulfric to = Clovis, except I don't have anything to tie them other than just a hunch based on rule and religion. And the same goes to Tullius (greek name :D ) = Maximus (=w=) And the implied idea that the divines and Deadric princes so closely resemble a lot of Greek gods. Then there's the similarities of Mesopotamian life and Orc life as well as more Assyrian sounding names.
Going back to the Peloponnesian wars, a 30 year conflict between Sparta and Athens, it is the same idea between the east and west halves of Skyrim, Ulfric vs Tullius. And for the sake of the metaphor, I'm going to make Ulfric Athens and Tullius as Sparta. Why? Because the Spartans won by teaming up with the Persians, and Athens sacked the small city of Melos (Whiterun) for being neutral in the wars. (SPOILER-ish) no matter what side you pick in the game, Ulfric attacks whiterun. See how nicely the roles panned out?
I could also go into how I have a feeling the dunmer in Windhelm = Jews because of a few similarities, but I really feel uncomfortable putting that bold of anything to do with modern religion, especialy considering my talos/jesus are homies example. In short: Italian empires didn't like jews.

I wanted to say about orcs=assyrians & Malacanth=Gilgamesh, but there's really not enough for me to cement that into a theory. And the same goes with my Redguards are Arabian nomads, Dwemer = Indus Valley Civilization, and how i have no theories for woodelves, Khajiit, or argonians.

Moving on to the actual main plot itself: It's the story of Thor! (:D) The idea of the dragonborn fighting off alduin (world eater) as decided by fate, is more or less the same as saying Thor's destiny is to slay the serpent that wraps the world. Then it can also be speculated that Valhalla=Soverngard, the deadra =trolls who manipulate Thor or whom he has to fight. The idea of the dragonborn going undercover to the embassy is eerily similar to Thor being disguised as his sister to retrieve his hammer from the trolls/goblins. And the way the building of skyrim look like something from Norse mythology.
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