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22 year-old female from San Jacinto, CA
There are some things you can't unsee, somethings you can't remember, and some things you wish you could--like when you have a half smeared number on a napkin in your shirt the the day after last night.
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Skyrim theory??I don't know why it just occurred to me: Imperials are Romans. Not just because of their legion outfit, but because of the words "Legion" and "Imperial" more or less originated from ancient Greece, which Peloponnesian wars made Sparta the new rulers, to then after in some hundred years Rome was the new Sparta/Athens center of Italian empire building that we adore and romanticize over. More on this is how all the NPCs are named. That all imperial NPCs have Greek names and just about all the Nord names are not Norse like I'd like to think, nor are the Celtic as a close second, but are instead older German/Goth names. And setting aside the world wars in which Germany...
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Name amanda
Occupation Medical Student
Birthday October 30th, 1991
Interests Classic cars Charities that look good on a resume Food Football (American; Chargers) being the best by defualt
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Music One Republic Linkin Park The Fray Nickelback Fergi P!nk Kid Rock Vampire Weekend Bret Michaels Brad Paisley Garth Brooks Kenny Chesney little Jaki Lady Antebellum ect..
Movies ones with explosions at some point.
TV Shows other than from Rooster Teeth? House NCIS Gene Simmons... Desperate Housewives Dirty Jobs Deadliest Catch Psych Burn Notice Dr Who I don't remember the rest right now...
Books I haven't had time to read recently so no favorites right now.