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24 year-old male from that one place... you know, the flat one

I Sell Hentai, DEAL WITH IT

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YEEEUH BOIMy Brother Sent Me an ffer he found on Craigs list

im going to Santa monica to test out sum games

im not sure about teh details, but im getting 75$ for it

its gonna kick ass if they email me back
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Name Mickey
Occupation Perv, hater of all things french, Artist
Birthday August 18th, 1990
Interests Hating People who bug me (dont let this be you) Not Caring
Music Tool Blur (Now Gorillaz) Red Hot Chilli Peppers lots more
Movies EoE
TV Shows Evangelion Really the only Anime for me Besides DragonBall Gundam Naruto Rurouni Kenshin ya know The essentials.
Books wtf is a book