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I miss my gamer tagI share my x box with my family and when I went off to college I left it at my home in Phoenix. But the last time I went home my hard drive with my favorite gamer tag on it completely broke. I mean it would not load any games or connect to x box live. I could live with out ever being called PhobicLamb again and can even stomach trying to get my achievements and re play the games hell I was looking for a reason to play some of my old games but the hundreds of dollars I spent on all the DLC I bought will remain forever lost. I tried calling the x box help line thing and they told me that with out my password or email I used when I set up the account (which I forgot all the information I used) I would not be able to recover my gamer tag.
So if you have any ideas on how to get it back and keep in mind I am a college student that does not have rich parents please comment it. Or if you have an Idea for a awesome new Gamer Tag also put that.
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