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27 year-old male from Buffalo, NY
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Name Nick
Occupation student, Panera Bread employee
Birthday May 11th, 1988
Interests Videogames . Tae Kwon Do almost have my second degree black belt. Roman candle wars other fireworks. anything that invloves self influenced explosions or risks. Reading. SUSHI! Hot sauce mainly Frank's Suicidal wings. thunderstorms. chapstick. Bitting necks and being bitten. Jeff Hardy Kane
Music NIN Queens of the Stone Age Desert Sessions Radiohead Sunshine House Pink Floyd Bob Marley Nirvana Eve 6 Alkaline Trio The Beatles Flyleaf Disturbed The Black Mages Finch Finger Eleven Mudvayne some Slipknot Breaking Benjamin Rage Against the Machine Three Days Grace Seether AFI Jonny Cash Reel Big Fish Mechatama. Video game and movie sountracks- all Final Fantasy soundtracks Nobuo Uematsu Fable Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) Halo The Omen Underworld God of War Pulp Fiction Kill Bill Reservoir Dogs
Movies Snatch Forgetting Sarah Marshall The Negotiator Rocket Science Pineapple Express Knocked Up The Dark Knight 21 Ironman 30 Days of Night 3:10 to Yuma American Gangster No Country for Old Men Zodiac Shoot Em' Up Live Free Die Hard Cry_Wolf The Mummys Transformers (old and new) Final Fantasy: Spirits Within 1408 The # 23 Spiderman 3!! 300 (breath taking) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Silent Hill The Big Labowski Underworld's Toy Story The Protector The Descent Fight Club Pulp Fiction Running Scared Spiderman's Lucky # Slevin Resident Evil's Smokin' Aces Boondock Saints The Punisher GRINDHOUSE Kill Bill's Crank Saw I II III Jet Li's Fearless The Exorcist The Last Samurai Star Wars Interview with the Vampire Queen of the Damned Reservoir Dogs The Ring Hero Sin City Wedding Crashers 40 Year Old Virgin Office Space Family Guy Movie
TV Shows Seinfeld Wwe Raw Wwe Smackdown PRISON BREAK . Coupling Family Guy That 70's Show The Office Scrubs
Books Angels and Demons Underworld: Blood Enemy Harry Potter's Phil Pullman trilogy Cut. Dante's Inferno