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Cheese Curls
Male from Redmond, OR
Currently Playing: Nothing
Currently Scoring: ~29000
Currently Browsing: YouTube
Currently Watching: Star Trek TOS
Currently Hearing: Kid shows
Currently Creating: GPK sets for sale
Currently Anticipating: Making money on collectible items

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Name Garrett
Occupation Airplane builder, again
Birthday April 25th
Interests Making stuff out of composites
Groups Show 19 More
Games Show 40 More
Music Anything but country
Movies Monty Python and the Holy Grail Tron Strange Brew What About Bob Down Periscope U-571 Day of the Triffids The Princess Bride Chronicles of Riddick Empire Strikes Back I'm too lazy to list the rest....
TV Shows Psych NCIS Stargate SG-1 House Chuck Modern Marvels Red Green Show MXC Pinky and the Brain Dr. Who Space Ghost Flying Circus
Books Sci-Fi Guns Planes