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Cheyza ih8ppl
Twice This Week.Twice I had a vehicle almost head-on collide into the vehicle I was driving this week.

The first was the twat coming out of the Starbutts, who sat there and screamed at me and flopped her hands around like she was doing something spectacular, and the second was today a semi came around a corner onto the 2lane-no-shoulder road I was sitting on.
Both times I had the right-of-way, and both times they ignored their respective stop signs.
The first pissed me off and the second scared the shit out of me.
The only consolation I can see coming of this is that if they keep driving like this, they will either wind up dead or breathing through a straw in an ICU somewhere.
Somehow, I cannot find even a smidge of "give-a-fuck" for either life.
But then again, they don't give a shit about themselves either.
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