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27 year-old male from Tennessee... mostly in the woods
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No Shave novemberIts official its no shave november i got a head start on anyone wanting to participate so link your non shaven faces in the comments :P haha

Thats my uglymug :P
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Name Coty
Occupation Photo Specialist
Birthday April 4th, 1988
Interests Driving My beast! Thats all i care about right now... that and a few other things but mostly just cranking that 475 horses and listening to it pur.. and t hen going from a pur to a roar with the slight press of the gas peddle.... She is the most bad Ass thing I have ever Driven and The only thing I will ever call "My Car" and If i have time Pictures are comming soon!
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Music I love everything and anything rock and roll. I really like the stones AC/DC Zeppelin bad company and what not. I would have to say one of my favorite songs is "A Horse with no Name." wow its been a while since i Last edited this... Yeah that up ther is the same but my friend has turend me into a lover of these bands: Jethro Tull The Kinks Super Tramp Neal Young Yes The Who and i used to think they where really wierd but now i love Pink Floyd Music my friend hates that i am into is country lol I kinda like the country vibe and feel lol
Movies I love Star Wars Brave Heart Monty Python Road Warrior Mad Max and of course last butnot least RedvsBlue. added in: Garden State Grandma's Boy..... more comming soon can9;t think Failure to Launch The Hills Have Eyes the matador the 10th Kingdom Pirates of the carribean 1 and 2... OH I can';t believe I left this out but yeah ummm LOTR I bought the special edition that was like 90 bucks the other day lol took over 24 hours to seat through it all :p
TV Shows Family Guy Simpsons Smallville American Dad lately no time for tv... *sighs*
Books don't read much but I would have to say "Chronicles of the special spartan"; thats my comic of what would happen if the spartan II project went horible wrong. Regular books SUCK