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Eugenics I was watching Nat. Geo. (the new "hip" way to say National Geographic or something) yesterday and they had a show about dog Eugenics. They talked about how man has manipulated dogs so much that they not only are starting to develop diseases like humans such as Epilepsy and OCD but are also so varied beyond any other species.

For instance:
This is a cow

This is also a cow

Okay not the best pictures but the point is, there are no cows with short stubby legs, or cows that require you to clean between the folds of its skin. Unlike dogs where there are numerous amounts of variations. It is true that there are different types of cows, not disputing that. But the extent to which there are different amount of dogs is unmatched.

This is a dog

This is also a dog

And this is also a dog

Man has manipulated the genes of animals to what they want. Not saying its a bad thing, if we do have domain over the earth we can essentially do as we please. Some of the breeds serve important purposes and have greatly benefited...us. Well all of them have benefited us, that's why we did it. Whether it be for a working dog, or a dog for luxury purposes.

But i think the problems associated with dog Eugenics can spill into human Eugenics. Lots of talk about growing babies, stem cell crap, having parts on hand in case you need a new one. Mainly so people live longer and less people die. I think people need to realize that we aren't dogs. We may have domain over the earth and its creatures but i think ultimately some one/thing has domain over us besides ourselves. People need to realize that we die for a reason. Human beings are supposed to die. Diseases are here for a reason. If you get rid of one there is going to be another one to take it's place.

I usually hear the argument that goes something like this, "What if your mother is diagnosed with <insert most terrible thing they could come up with at the moment> and it could be cured through science!!!!!?!111" I'd say, "Of course i would be sad at the loss of my mother but if that is what was supposed to happen, then i'd deal with it. Just like everyone else. That is what was supposed to happen. Who am i to try and change that?" All good things must come to an end. "And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." -Thomas Wayne.

What happened to people finding things out for themselves, or going through hardships. I hear stories from my Uncle about when he was young and about the stuff he did and the same thing keep getting said. "See when i was young there weren't all these rules or laws." You learn from experience. If people don't ever experience things how are they supposed to learn and adapt?
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