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81 year-old male from Austin, TX
Me be Chris. http://t.co/hiSLEZNpbL Me work Rooster Teeth. Me do write, direct, act, edit, shoot, visual effects and dance.
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Chris Cast & Crew
iBlade Wrapped... Now What?At last! My favorite episode of the iBlade Trilogy is released! Thanks for watching and thanks to all my co-workers who jumped in to star or cameo in the mini-series. It was incredibly fun to make, and believe it or not, there were only six to twelve injuries while filming. Also, a huge thanks to Chair Entertainment for letting us make such a crazy series based off the Infinity Blade Games (which you should definitely check out since they're currently on sale).

Anyway, now that iBlade is wrapped... What's next? Hmmm... We might have a brand new show premiering next Saturday afternoon called Social Disorder. And it might be the most insane, embarrassing, and possibly illegal thing we've ever done.

So if you hear about me or @revdrmarquis being arrested anytime soon, just know that it was all for you guys.
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Name Chris
Occupation I work at Rooster Teeth. I do a lot of editing, visual effects, writing and acting.
Birthday January 18th, 1933
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