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82 year-old male from Austin, TX
Me be Chris. http://t.co/hiSLEZNpbL Me work Rooster Teeth. Me do write, direct, act, edit, shoot, visual effects and dance.
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Chris Cast & Crew
Social Disorder Season 1If you haven't seen it yet, check out the season finale of SOCIAL DISORDER where Aaron screws me over once again. Also, thanks so much for watching these first six episodes. We had a hell of a time making them, and by that I mean at times it was very much hell. But if you liked the show and want to see more, please share it with your friends and post these six episodes other places around the internets. (You could also be really, really cool and buy one of our nifty shirts).

Oh, and big thanks to @jon and @maggie for letting us scare their neighbors that one time.
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Name Chris
Occupation I work at Rooster Teeth. I do a lot of editing, visual effects, writing and acting.
Birthday January 18th, 1933
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