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81 year-old male from Austin, TX
Me be Chris. http://t.co/hiSLEZNpbL Me work Rooster Teeth. Me do write, direct, act, edit, shoot, visual effects and dance.
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Chris Cast & Crew
Community Members Walk To MordorI wanted to share with you some really cool videos made by two members of the community. Not long after @Kerry and I got back from our romantic getaway in New Zealand, community member @Musefied contacted us and @nikz07 about wanting to attempt the same trip. I thought he was crazy, but sure enough, he and his friend actually attempted to walk to Mordor... And not only did they do it, but they filmed the whole thing.

So @Musefied edited his trip, which he called "My Simple Walk Into Mordor," into three parts, all of which are up on YouTube. If you're a fan of the original Simple Walk Into Mordor series then I strongly suggest checking it out. They literally walk almost the exact same path and you see dozens of familiar locations throughout his videos.

So here's Part 1... Part 2... and Part 3.

Check them out, and tell @Musefied and his buddy congratulations. @Kerry @nikz07 and I were really honored that they followed in our hobbit footsteps.
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Name Chris
Occupation I work at Rooster Teeth. I do a lot of editing, visual effects, writing and acting.
Birthday January 18th, 1933
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