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Male from Cypress, TX
I am a CS major at the University of Texas @ Austin and I love it! I am also a member of Texas Drums.

When time allows, I try to learn new programming techniques and also make some music for fun.

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Text AdventureWell it has been 9 months since my last post, I guess I don't talk much.

School has finished for the spring semester and I think I did really well. Not much going on there, but one cool thing I'd like to share is that I am creating a my first video game. It is a non graphical text adventure, but not one like adventure, (http://www.freearcade.com/Zplet.jav/Advent.html). but more of the RPG style that has a gripping story to allow your imagination take hold and create the graphics for you.

Its lots of fun to design and implement.
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