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cKyDamaged1 ODST
28 year-old male from Mishawaka, IN
Hey whats up I'm Steve! I live in Indiana which isn't all that great. I play games, I watch movies and I also enjoy music.I use an Xbox 360, and probably will not get a next gen console anytime soon. But I might in a year or two after launch we'll see. But I just play games to enjoy them not to pwn a noob, or own somebody, is that what the kids call it? Well anyway I play a lot of single player games but you can still find me on Xbox Live playing with others if they want to play or I'm on Twitter @SteveTheODST so yea send a "tweet" or two my way and I might be nice enough to send one or two your way. Ta Ta!
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cKyDamaged1 ODST
The Way of The GavinSo I have always been a fan of Slow Mo Guys. I really enjoyed watching the random things they did in slow motion. Little did I know that I just really enjoy watching stuff in slow motion. Who would of thought right. Well after I finally decided to get a new camera (since the one my girlfriend got me like 8 years ago stop turning on), I looked into something that could do slow motion video. After conducting this research I figured out a few things. 1: High Speed Cameras are fucking expensive! 2: Some cameras that are out there think that "Action" shooting speed is the same as slow motion or High Speed ( ex: High Speed- 120 fps, 240 fps, 480 fps etc. Action- 40 fps to about 60 fps. Not much in the slow motion department) 3: The higher the speed you go the worst the resolution gets and you need a ton of light. So after searching for about a month I finally decided to get a Casio EX-ZR400, which cost me about $130. Now I am not going to be able to do up to 10's of thousands of frame per second like the Phantom that Gavin uses but I can do basic slow mo which still is cool. The camera can do 1000 fps but you sacrifice the crap out of the resolution at a whopping 224 x64! I know terrible quality. The best setting to work with is 240 fps which has the resolution at 512x384, which is still very viewable and I am even able to slow it down in my video editor a little more without seeing any horrible skipping. Now I just need some stuff to film I have a few things I filmed while just learning how to work it but I kind of want things that are easy to get (not expensive) and just would be cool to see in slow motion. Any suggestions please feel free to let me know.
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Name Steve
Occupation Factory Worker in Receiving Area & Warehouse Storage.
Birthday July 20th, 1986
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