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28 year-old male from Mishawaka, IN
Hey whats up I'm Steve! I live in Indiana which isn't all that great. I play games, I watch movies and I also enjoy music.I use an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But I just play games to enjoy them not to pwn a noob, or own somebody, is that what the kids call it? I like photography and I have been learning about shooting high speed videos (slow motion). I also use those videos to practice editing videos that I put up on my YouTube channel: ODSTsjc. My gamertag is the same as my RoosterTeeth handle and my Twitter is @SteveTheODST. Have an idea for a high speed video let me know. Want to ask a question ask away! See you around!
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cKyDamaged1 ODST
This is going to be hard to say...Hello. My name is Steven Cote Jr. I do have to warn you this journal entry is a sad one. I know that many of you will not see this and that's fine. I understand I am not the most popular member of the RoosterTeeth community, but I need to write this out. It may make me feel better.

Some may have seen that I started taking pictures with a Lytro camera, filmed some high speed videos, and maybe you have seen that I went to school.

Where do I begin, April of last year my mother was diagnosed with stage IV Esophageal cancer. None of us liked hearing that news. She was battling the cancer as best as she could she was a fighter. She took no shit from anyone. I still remember when she came home from work one day, when I was still living with her, and told me how she made a guy cry to his father (who also worked at the place) that she was working him too hard. My mother was stubborn but she also loved her family. She, at one time, worked 3 jobs just to make sure that myself and my 3 sisters had food on the table. She loved us no matter how mean we were to her or how nice we were.

I grew up without a father and my mother was always there for me. There were times that I would celebrate father's day with her because she was basically my father as well as my mother. She was tough as nails. Never back down, and protected her kids even if they were in the wrong.

Just over a month ago I went to my girlfriend's sister's graduation. I was so proud of her she graduated from IU University. I didn't care that I was graduating not to much from that because I just watch this girl, who I have known for 14 years, accomplished something awesome. My girlfriend who I have also known for 14 years and have dated for almost 13 years never came home that night. My girlfriend never came home that week, or the next. I finished school and felt so relieved from some of the stress I was having. She finally came home 3 weeks later, and told me that she wasn't happy being an ad...
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