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28 year-old male from Mishawaka, IN
Hey whats up I'm Steve! I live in Indiana which isn't all that great. I play games, I watch movies and I also enjoy music.I use an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But I just play games to enjoy them not to pwn a noob, or own somebody, is that what the kids call it? Well anyway I play a lot of single player games but you can still find me on Xbox Live playing with others if they want to play or I'm on Twitter @SteveTheODST so yea send a "tweet" or two my way and I might be nice enough to send one or two your way. Ta Ta!
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Keep Moving Forward!This phrase has been used a lot lately, and for good reason. I am not the most creative person out there by any means but I sure do love creativity. Recently Nintendo did a contest (or not since they haven't announced any winners and the contest ended about 2 weeks ago) that asked people to make a mask that is inspired from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask in 72 hours. Now of course I was one to make a Majora's Mask and felt pretty good about it until... I saw what everyone else made. It was incredible! Some people took a mixture of different elements from the game and put them all in one mask, others used a different approach to recreate Majora's Mask (crayons and yes its awesome), some used three different mask and made them one, and there was even one who practically told the whole story about Majora's Mask by using colored paper to cut out the colors and form the characters and backgrounds! It was amazing! (look for A bit of geek, youtube, twitter) After seeing these I knew I was not going to win, but I wasn't mad. Not only did I replicate my favorite mask in the game but I got to see and talk to some of the most creative people in the contest.

This is what I finished with!

But anyway back on track I finally put my butt to work and finished my next slow mo video and figured I would share it. Now I know the quality is not the best (I do not have the money to purchase a really good high speed camera or really afford software that slow pretty much slows anything down) but it was fun and enjoyable. Now there isn't a whole lot to do where I am from in Indiana and I sure I am not the only person who has done things in slow motion but I am trying to do some unique things (and some that you are probably sick of seeing) but if you have a suggestion, I'll be more than happy to listen.

The link for the video is here youtu.be/07y5FbqWFPU

Hopefully it's still enjoyable. My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun doing it.

I know I have been rambling a lot but there is one more thing I wanted to share. About a year and a half ago I quit my decent pay factory job to go back to school. I had the hardest time for the past year with things in my personal life and having a hard time finding work that could cover my bills and keep my sanity. But this past week I interviewed with a factory in my field of studies and ended up getting a very good paying job.

So I decided to push myself and become better and "keep moving forward"!! I hope to create some video that people will enjoy. (I know I won't be the next Gavin Free, but if people enjoy the videos that's all that matters right?) I hope to build stuff that I just want to build, and I hope to make friends and travel. I plan to be more active and creative. With this job I should be able to work on new things and I hope they work out.

So I apologize for the long journal but I just had to write this out. Even if no one sees it at least its out there and maybe whoever does see it might enjoy reading it.

Stay awesome RT community.
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