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28 year-old male from Mishawaka, IN
Hey whats up I'm Steve! I live in Indiana which isn't all that great. I play games, I watch movies and I also enjoy music.I use an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But I just play games to enjoy them not to pwn a noob, or own somebody, is that what the kids call it? Well anyway I play a lot of single player games but you can still find me on Xbox Live playing with others if they want to play or I'm on Twitter @SteveTheODST so yea send a "tweet" or two my way and I might be nice enough to send one or two your way. Ta Ta!
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cKyDamaged1 ODST
So a little has happened.Well since my last journal post a few things have happened. I started to get into the older Zelda games that I missed out on when I was younger (got an N64 like 3 weeks before I got a PS2), got laid off from my job and now am struggling to find work (the part of Indiana I am in sucks for work), and have filmed about 4 videos worth of slow motion stuff but just been too lazy to put all but one of them together.

I have to say though I got Link Between Worlds for Christmas and I am really enjoying that game. So much so that I take breaks from it and work more on Majora's Mask so I do not finish it too quickly. Also I started Majora's Mask first so kind of want to finish that up so I can get ready for when it comes out for the 3DS.

Which brings me to my next topic, WTF Nintendo!!!! Since I have been playing LoZ M.M. I have been in love with it. I could not get into Ocarina of Time to save my life and I know most people say that's the better of the two, but from the first 20 minutes of Majora's Mask I was hooked and ready for more. Nintendo earlier this week decided to do something awesome. Just not awesome to those who have jobs, school, or who seen an article about an hour after its posted. They announced a Limited Edition Majora's Mask for the 3DS, which comes with a really cool Skull Kid figure. I read the article and went straight to go pre-order it. Amazon mobile was having a hard time loading the edition so I thought I would just come back, maybe they are still uploading it to the site (little did I know gamestop was already doing per-orders at this time). So I came back about 40 mins to an hour later and found out that it was impossible to pre-order. All pre-orders were fulfilled. One hour after the announcement. I called gamestop and they are not even going to get any in the store its online only. LAME!!!

Well that's all I have to say for now I will try to get a slow mo video out every month or so if I can. but if you would like here is my first video I made and already posted a little while back.

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