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28 year-old male from Mishawaka, IN
Hey whats up I'm Steve! I live in Indiana which isn't all that great. I play games, I watch movies and I also enjoy music.I use an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But I just play games to enjoy them not to pwn a noob, or own somebody, is that what the kids call it? I like photography and I have been learning about shooting high speed videos (slow motion). I also use those videos to practice editing videos that I put up on my YouTube channel: ODSTsjc. My gamertag is the same as my RoosterTeeth handle and my Twitter is @SteveTheODST. Have an idea for a high speed video let me know. Want to ask a question ask away! See you around!
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cKyDamaged1 ODST
Man, Life Can Suck at Times!Hello! I just wanted to post a journal because the last journal I posted I said I was going to do what I can to get a new high speed video out. Well long story short I have one more week at school, and some awful personal issues happening right now that I am not dealing very well with.

But I did shoot a video that actually looked better than I thought it would.... Well half of it anyway. The second part I filmed just didn't show very well and I feel like the ending just kind of didn't sound great so yea.

I apologize for taking so long on, but I just have a lot of stress on my plate. But on a great note, Friday this week I will be a College graduate, so at least I'll have one less thing to do during the week so I should be able to do more with my filming and my photography later down the line.

I love this site and I love this community and I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!
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