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24 year-old male from From a distant planet
I accept Randoms.

im 16 im about 6'4.

I'm Bi Don't like it Fuck you.

You're the one to make me happy
make me smile when there absolutely noting happy
and the one i love most
Cammy <3

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so whats upright i'm back bitches!

i left because the site was dead but then somebody said to come back so the site dosne;t completley die
rememebr the good old days?
the mods?
the not as bad interface?
good RvB episodes?
i most certinley do

anyway anybody that cares i'm going to be an animator for lifez lul
my blog if anyone cares is right here
i also use tiwtter but you can find it thorugh there

so right im re uploading new images to recent times and i will be comming on a bit more
there comics are still funny at least
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