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32 year-old male from Ottawa, Ontario; CANADA
I am a Windows Guru in Ottawa working for Mosaic Sales Solutions in partnership with Microsoft. I have a B.A. in Communications from theUniversity of Ottawa & a diploma in Television Brodcasting and Interactive Multimedia and Design from Algonquin College.
I got married on June 26, 2010 after I proposed to my wife on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise in Las Vegas back in 2008.
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Cleary Monkey's LOG - Earthdate: 1122.07Hey Everybody!!

Yes I am still alive and kicking hard! Wow, troyBORG is right! My last journal entry was exactly 1 year ago today! Man, thats warped! I have impecable timing! w00t!

Just wanted to come on and check up on things. Been busy with school and life, I havent been watching RVB since the end of Season 5 ... btw ... !! Im so sad that its over! I loved RVB!

Im also sad that I am no longer lifeguard, kinda gave that up in August, but I am totally enjoying my time at Laser Quest! Its so much fun!
Glad to people are doing well on here, and if you are ever on XBL playing some HALO 3, add me to your friends list and lets play! gamertag: clearymonkey

"Stay Frosty!"


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Name Christopher
Occupation Windows Guru
Birthday June 7th, 1983
Interests Swimming Lifeguarding Multimedia HALO Command & Conquer Call of Duty Laser Quest Soccer Ultimate Frisbee (In The Dark) Lego Web Graphics Beer!
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Music Halo Theme Music & Command & Conquer: Red Alert - "Hells March" HitzRadio.com (Because that is all I can do at school is listen to internet radio ... I mean I cant even get Algonquin "AIR" Radio and its only 1 building away from me .. argh!)
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