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29 year-old female from North Syracuse, NY
Grifball team - 9th Wonders - PR Officer First Class
Grifball Welcoming Committee Head
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My away time. Earlier this summer I had told a few people that I was going to make more of an effort to stay involved with Grifball. That didn't happen. Allow me to introduce you to who caused that.

Please welcome Grace Elizabeth, the future of Grifball.
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Name Call me Cleo
Occupation Tech Support/Freelance Grahphic Artist
Birthday September 17th, 1985
Interests Computer animation RPGs Halo Grifball Red vs Blue reading (I love to read) building robots driving robots.. robots in general forum surfing (it's an addiction) MMORPGs (preferably the free ones) computers.. etc.
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Music Amaranth by Nightwish
Movies Serenity The Matrix series the Scream trilogy Hancock Get Smart The Dark Knight Red vs Blue Box set Stargate Clue League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Pirates of the Caribbean Monty Python's Holy Grail/Life of Brian/Meaning of Life/Now for Something Completely Different History of the World: Part 1 any Indian Jones movie both National Treasure movies The Spice Girls movie
TV Shows I have no cable. *sad face*
Books Easier for me to list authors - Elizabeth Peters mysteries series about Amelia Peabody J.K. Rowling Agatha Christie Dean Koontz Michael Crighton