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Since i've been awaySo I haven't been online in a freaking long time and don't know if i'm gonna have the time to start again, but i do want to pose a question to my mac friends out there.

Apple released the macbook air a few days ago. I think its extremely cool. Extremely. That fact alone will guarantee tens of thousands of sales. But we all remember what happened the last time apple made something ultra cool but didn't price it practically.

The G4 cube was really cool. The power of the G4 (which at the time was incredible, now not so much) in a 8x8x8 cube with no fan. but it was considered apple's "best looking failure". Why? because they priced it the same as the powermac G4, but it had a slower processor.

So my point about the macbook air- its really cool, but who wants to spend 1,700 dollars on a computer that is slower and has less ports than (not to mention less cd drives than) one that is 1000 dollars?

I think its kind of a proof model- proofing the multitouch trackpad, proofing the led screen, proofing how small they can make the mac. but at its price point it wont sell too well. My hope is that the redesign the macbook to look like the macbook air to eliminate the plastic.
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