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27 year-old male from Carver, OR The fun place
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So i have X box liveI have X Box live now so shot my a freind request its the same as my name on here.

i play mostly Call Of Duty 4.
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Name Chris
Occupation Don't really have one gamer I guess
Birthday May 30th, 1988
Interests Gaming Books TV Graduating HI School going into the Military Airsoft GUNS and Cars.
Music 30 Seconds To Mars Creed Korn Ramstien OutKast Black Eyed Peas Linkin Park Cake My Chemical Romance Finger 11 Paramore Sublime Nirvana and i will list some more later
Movies Dune Miami Vice Under World 1 and 2 hhmmmm let me go and think of some more
TV Shows Heroes Smallville Psych Eureka Burn Notice Life Bionic Woman
Books Anything Fantasy or Sci-fi