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24 year-old male from Greenville, NC
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I still remember my password!Looking back on my old profile, I was a bit of a loser. Still am, just more stable. Hope everyone is alive and well.
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Name Brian Curry
Occupation Republican
Birthday October 4th, 1990
Interests Guns and Politics. And Women. Women are cool.
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Music Eric Clapton ZZ Top AC/DC Dire Straits Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Trans-Siberian Orchestra the Stones Frank Sinatra Dean Matrin Jimi Hendrix The Who Ted Nugent Marty O'Donnel Steve Vai Satriani (some) Guns 'N Roses Lynyrd Skynyrd Stevie Ray Vaughn .38 Special Jethro Tull KISS Deep Purple Poison Eric Johnson Bon Jovi
Movies Apocalypse Now James Bond ( most of them) Aliens Lord Of The Rings Kill Bill Vol. 1 Predator Terminator 2 Airplane Super Troopers Pirates Of The Carribean Way too many more to note here....but I'm a HUGE movie buff
TV Shows Nip/Tuck Overthere Rescue Me almost every other show on FX CSI CSI NY Seinfeld the soup the Daily Show Reno 911 Criminal Minds The Colbert Report House Dirty Jobs Seinfeld some more The Late Night Show ESPN HD
Books Halo Trilogy Dick Marcinko's Rouge Warrior Series Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism Consent to Kill Splinter Cell Footprints of Thunder Killmaster Series Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy kicks ASS) The DaVinci Code Angels and Deamons One-Shot One-Kill Macbeth (w00t for Shakespeare!) anything with a possible truth to it.... non-fiction is the best. Autobiographies are great as well.