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29 year-old male from a little town called Woodlawn, IL.
My nickname is Slick. Here's a couple of facts.
I lack sleep.

I enjoy writting about humor and my personal experiences.
I''ve been a Journalist in Radio and Television, but I got a face for radio.
I ran a multi-national wide radio show online. The Redneck Revolution.
I love women.
I'm working towards getting my teaching certificate.

Ok just so you all know I don't accept random friend request.
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Destiny worth it?So, I know it's been a while since the game came out, but what is your feeling with Destiny. I personally got bored with it pretty quick. Is it worth picking back up? Because if not I'm going to keep foam crafting. Just questioning.
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Name Jeremy
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Music Anything but rap. Mostly country.
Movies Action packed.
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