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26 year-old male from New Brunswick, Canada.
I'm 15, tall, blond, blue-eyed.

I used to be a sponsor, but then I changed accounts, so I'm not anymore. Its sad.

If any rap shows up on this thing, please know that it wasn't me. My brother refuses to turn off the plugin when he goes on my computer.

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Wait, what?My school got owned to the max today.

They were doing this obesity and hypertension disorder study/survey and we had to get our blood pressure and height and weight taken. Turns out CBC (Canada's Broadcasting Channel) was there.

I was on the news for a split second. Then it showed a group of kids walking down the hall, and the people called our school fat.
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Name Lucas
Occupation Still in school.
Birthday June 21st, 1989
Interests Basically the same things as any other person on this site.
Music SYSTEM OF A DOWN The Tragically Hip Foo Fighters Nirvana The Beatles The Doors Jimi Hendrix Korn Weezer Led Zeppelin Sublime Tenacious D Red Hot Chili Peppers Dave Matthews Band Matthew Good John Coltrane (duh)
Movies Shaun of the Dead Donnie Darko Monty Python and the Holy Grail Dude Where's My Car? Mars Attacks! South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut Wayne's World The Nightmare Before Chirstmas Elf Anchorman Ferris Bueller's Day Off Mystery Men Edward Scissorhands Secret Window Blow Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Pirates Of The Carribbean Corpse Bride Fun With Dick And Jane The Truman Show Basically anything with Jim Carrey Or Johnny Depp and anything by Tim Burton.
TV Shows LOST.
Books I read too much if I even got started on this list it would take me hours to finish. I am currently reading "John" by Cynthia Lennon.