JULY 30TH, 2011    
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happy late anniversary Jack and Geoff
3 years ago
Highpak Sponsor
"woah tread lightly dude... tread lightly"
2 years ago
sass_1317 Sponsor
Months later and this is still funny
2 years ago
KingR2088 Sponsor
Can you spell jealousy?
3 years ago
dragonblade Sponsor
lol. That is how it's going to be for me. I see that happening already.
2 years ago
gsquirrel Sponsor
whoa tread lightly dude tread lightly
3 years ago
She is sending you a message!
2 years ago
Geoff don't go to there ok? she means the time the day that u got.......(just find it out what it is :D)
3 years ago
Parkway Sponsor
*sniff* theyve grown up sooo fast *sniff*
2 years ago
Jack the home breaker, none of us saw that coming.
3 years ago
hes fucked
2 years ago
coldemoon Sponsor
Kick his ass Griffon!
3 years ago
KyoteLewis Book Nerd
get him griffon!!! lol ;)
3 years ago
burro451 Sponsor
ooo geoff theres an app for that no really there is has saved my ass plenty of times
2 years ago
He's gonna be sleeping in the office for a while or Jacks.
3 years ago
its guy love
3 years ago
SldrexDeus Clipeum
Angry Griffon is Angry!
2 years ago
you wont be putting any more videos out without your thumbs.
3 years ago
LOL Geoff, how could he ;o
2 years ago
ksphillips In the Hole
i can actually see this happening
3 years ago
2 years ago
give her a valcano she will be happy
2 years ago
achievement hunter is the best
2 years ago
Well, it's official... Griffon is going to kill Geoff tonight!
1 year ago
I'd be scared of a angry griffon, that septum ring always makes me think she's gunna charge anyways
3 years ago
That's a rookie mistake. You just hate to see it.
3 years ago
Lol worthy
2 years ago
Rattan Sponsor
In reply to AJLN15, #1:
Carefu Geoff !
Too late. He's already in the DANGER ZONE!!!

Post edited 8/03/11 2:37AM
2 years ago
rishi6 Sponsor
griffon SMASH!!
3 years ago
which website was this?
3 years ago
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