AUGUST 20TH, 2011  
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this shouldnt end
1 year ago
:( is Griffon still going to be around the office doing her other stuff because i don't want to lose her as a guest on the Drunk Tank as well as losing this.
2 years ago
In reply to rhinofever, #657:

He does, Check it
2 years ago
DrunkMatt The Door
Thanks for all the awesome comics
2 years ago
zaaland99 Sponsor
To the good times
2 years ago
He'll be back... he always come back
2 years ago
that sucks
2 years ago
Jakobaker Sponsor
WHAAA?! ...well i guess after five years should of seen it coming. Poor Geoff :)
2 years ago
As sad as I am to see that after 5 years RT comics is coming to an end. I am SO happy that i can finally - officially - complete my collection of them! =D
2 years ago
In reply to Elecbound, #31:

I don't get it , whats going on
2 years ago
ShinigamiKun Just Whelmed
So very sad, but you guys had a great run
2 years ago
KaiFarr iSponsor
Still missing the comics...every so often I go back and read some but *sigh* its not the same as opening the site on any given day and seeing a new one on the front page.
2 years ago
What the kapooki.
2 years ago
No more comics :'(
2 years ago
you had a good run, with all my heart I say goodbye RT comics, I'll miss you
2 years ago
Chokstar Curiosity
xD I love how they both look so funny when their kissing. Its sad about RT Comics :( I really loved them
2 years ago
RT Comics will be my favorite comic line ever.
2 years ago
I know you guys aren't gonna stop making comics. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON"T STOP WITH THE COMICS. I'll give you imaginary internet cookies! =(
2 years ago
aawwww no more comics epic omega sadface :""("''''''""""'"""""""""""""
2 years ago
The things you do when you're drunk... :\
2 years ago
How time goes so very slow these days without the RT Comics to look forward to. :(
2 years ago
well this sucks the comics were hilarious
2 years ago
JazzyKiss Sponsor
just got done marathoning the all of the comics..... thanks guys for giving us the awesomeness!!! RT CREW FOREVER!!!
2 years ago
nice luke you went for the boobs your a true man
2 years ago
2 years ago
just finished reading all of the comics now maybe I should try to get some work done
2 years ago
i miss the comics
2 years ago
miss these, like everyone else
2 years ago
Well, gg
5 months ago
pick up on the hint there will be more comics
2 years ago
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